Just A Little White Lie

Ethics….We have all heard of this term, but what in the world is it? Ethics has been defined as: a theory or a system of moral values.

As a pastors daughter, I have always been expected to live and behave in an ethical manner. As years have progressed, I have seen how the ethics I grew up abiding by actually translate into REAL LIFE – the professional world.

For some, honesty is the best and ONLY policy, while others muddy the truth and are okay with “little lies.” One thing that I have learned is that a little white lie is still a lie, and can get you in just as much trouble as a “big” lie. Too, withholding information can also be perceived as lying.

Transparency is the best option in life, but especially in the PR world. “Protecting integrity and the public trust are fundamental to the profession’s role and reputation.” The public wants to know that they can trust the PR professional that they are working with. Makes sense, right? “Bottom line, successful public relations hinges on the ethics of its practitioners.”

The public is NOT okay with lies, not even little white ones. The characteristic that differentiates a mediocre PR professional from a superb one is the ability to be completely honest and transparent no matter what the situation.

“To help members navigate ethics principles and applications, the Society created, and continues to maintain, the PRSA Code of Ethics. Under the Code, widely regarded as the industry standard, members pledge to core values, principles and practice guidelines that define their professionalism and advance their success.”

The PRSA code of ethics exists for the betterment of PR professionals and is expected to be followed.

“Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.” – Potter Stewart


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