COMM 368 – No Texting Please

A lot of people think medical students and business students are the only ones that work their butts off in school. Um, think again. Let me just tell you that PR is no joke.

Something that makes taking a challenging course easier and more bearable is when you are privileged to have an encouraging instructor who wants nothing more than to see their students succeed. Ms. Mullen truly embodies a respectable, helpful, wise, and vivacious professor.

Photo Credit: lucasjsaunders via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: lucasjsaunders via Compfight cc

Throughout my college career thus far, I can honestly say that I haven’t had many professors who seem over-the-top excited to teach the class(es) that they are teaching. I will say the opposite about Ms. Mullen. I’m not brown-nosing or trying to get a good grade on an assignment when I say this. I mean it. Mullen radiates such joy and passion for her job. Her zeal for life and teaching impacted more students than she’s even aware of, and made coming to class not so dreadful.

Having a positive, life-giving professor truly makes all of the difference.

Some students consider a professor to be “good” if they allow students to text, talk, etc. during class.

I disagree with those students. A great professor and great class is comprised of  individuals who respect themselves and others enough not to waste each others time. No, Mullen did not allow us to be on our phones, and that is fine by me.

This class taught me not only what it means to be an effective PR professional, but also how to be a respectful, respectable, and an all-around better person. I also learned good work ethic, and that communication in the PR world is vital. Too, don’t just plan to plan…actually get SH*T done!




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